Reporting and Dashboard Module

The QACoverage Reporting and Dashboard module gives an up-to-date overview of the work being done in all of the other modules within the QACoverage Test Management system.  With it, managers and team leads can see at a glance the progress being made across all aspects of the quality assurance process.

Across the top of the Dashboard, select level details display the number of requirements, number of test cases, number of test runs, number of defects, and number of sprints.  Each number also links to the respective area of the application to allow the user to see additional information.

Below those counts are ten different graphs, charts, and grids that drill down into more detail about the ongoing quality assurance progress.  The visual formatting on each report makes it easy to see and keep track of daily progress.  In order to aid display in meetings, each one of the reports have the option to print the chart and the choice to download them into one of four different formats: PNG, JPEG, PDF, and SVG.  These options make it easy to print handouts or create slideshow meeting presentations to champion a team’s progress.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Quick visual insights into work progress
  • Multiple reports to cover all aspects
  • Varied report types – grid, graph, and charts
  • Ability to print or download in multiple formats
  • Ability to zoom in to see detail more easily

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Numerous Reports to Give Full Insight

Many Test Management solutions give you just one or two reports, but with QA Coverage, you get ten different reports to give you a complete perspective of the quality assurance progress and the activities of your QA team.

  • Requirements Coverage Summary Graph – Linked vs. Not Linked – pie chart that shows percentage of requirements linked and not linked
  • Test Cases Progress Execution Dashboard – grid that shows test runs, progress, and status
  • Defects/Issues/Risks Require Your Attention – Grid that shows list of defects types, summary, and statuses
  • Requirements Summary Graph – last 7 days – Graph shows # of requirements created each day of the last 7 days
  • Test Cases Summary Graph – last 7 days – Graph shows # of test cases created each day of the last 7 days
  • Test Cases Execution Speedometer – Number of test cases executed in the last hour
  • Test Execution Summary Graph – last 7 days – Graph shows # of test cases executed each day of the last 7 days
  • Test Cases Summary Graph – by Priority – shows the total number of test cases of each priority
  • Requirements Summary Graph – By Type -Shows the total number of requirements of each type
  • Test Runs Summary Graph – last 7 days – shows the number of test runs created for each day of the last 7 days

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