Speed Up Your Delivery Process

Remote test execution using public API

Configure Test Run Webhook and collect test execution results into QACoverage

Clone Test Run and update test result using API call

Test Run Webhook white paper

Plug into your DevOps pipeline

Integrate test automation frameworks

Build CI Pipeline from QACoverage

Get updated test execution result from external test automation tools

Define test scripts to be executed thanks to Jenkins plugin capapbilites

Get your team started today !

Drive from QACoverage the execution of test script on CI/CD server


Katalon is a powerful solution that helps you automate Web, API, Mobile, and Desktop apps — with smart analytics and CI/CD integrations.


Cucumber is a tool that supports Behaviour-Driven Development(BDD). Cucumber reads executable specifications written in plain text and validates that the software does what those specifications say


Cypress is a front end testing tool built for the web. It addresses the key pain points developers and testers face when testing applications.

Robot Framework

Robot Framework is a generic open source test automation framework. It has easy syntax, utilizing human-readable keywords.

Test automation service

We propose throug github reporitory, a start kit project. Ready to create API and Acceptance test scripts

Docker Image

We propose to our customers a Docker image with Jenkins and Robot Framework installation and example of Job and automated script

Key Features and Benefits

  • Associate automated and manual tests to the same test run
  • Drive from Test Execution Lab module the automated test cases
  • Get common test report with manual and automated tests
  • Unlimited re-execution of automated tests