View project list
Associate QACoverage project to Jira project(s)
Manage project settings
Right click on folder to view options
View test case coverage using Mindmap mode
Edit test case fields
Manage columns in list view
Display search result
Design BDD Gherkin script
Reorder test cases
Define search criteria
Move test cases to another folder
Import test step(s) from another test case
Export test case(s)
View assignee in test run test case
View generated data before submitting new Bug
Configure Jenkins connection for test automation
View automated test execution summary
Associate a Bug to test case step under test run
Share test report by e-mail
Associate test run to automated test job
View executed test script in test case result
Add new sprint
Add ticket to a sprint from ticket repository
View active sprint settings
Manage filters in agile board
Manage task status in agile board
View ticket’s options in agile board
View account details in account settings
Manage test execution status in QACoverage settings
Manage topic types in QACoverage settings
Add new field based on field type
View gadgets and metrics in dashboard

Dark Mode

View landing page after sign in
Manage test run list
View layouts in selected project: Module / Folder / list view
Manage requirement library
Configure columns in list view
Add new folder or sub folder
Quick edit requirement from list view

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