Requirements Management Module

Why you need the Requirement Module ?

Define, monitor, and control coverage of your test requirements

Import and export use cases, business requirements, functional specifications and other project artifacts

Add, modify, delete, duplicate, reorder and remove requirements

Incorporate static testing review process with defects identification

Complete integrated solution

The QACoverage Requirements Management Module is a complete integrated solution for capturing, managing and tracking requirements at every step of the Requirements gathering Phase and Software Development Life Cycle.

Centralized repository

The Requirements Module is a centralized repository which will allow you to place all project related requirements in a central place for easy access and monitoring. The key feature of the requirements module is to establish traceability and complete coverage for designed test cases to ensure complete coverage for testing execution.

Customized options

 Our customized options allow you to categorize requirements based on priority and establish a static testing review process within the Requirements Module by setting several requirement statuses based on initial and completed reviews.

Designed for use by Business Analysts

This module was specifically designed for use by Business Analysts, Business Stakeholders, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Developers and QA Testing Teams. Through accurate and complete requirements, Development and QA teams can focus their attention on high priority business needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ability to monitor requirements coverage, quality and completeness
  • Prioritize and associate requirements with major &minor releases and sprints.
  • Indicate requirements’ availability for review.
  • Ability to upload requirements from Excel spreadsheets
  • Full customizable requirements review process
  • Allow complete visibility on requirements coverage and availability through reporting module

Requirement Status Field for Full Traceability and Workflow Control

The Requirement’s status allows you to control traceability and the workflow established for your IT teams. They should be set manually by all project participants including Business Analysts, QA Managers, QA Leads, QA Testers to ensure everyone has visibility to the latest status and understands what next steps need to take place.

Ready for Review

Requirement is finalized and QA Team can start static testing of finalized requirements.

In Draft

Requirements are not finalized and Business Analysts is working on it


Ready for Re-validation

Business Analysts or owner of the requirements implemented all fixes and suggestions and QA Team can revalidate all corrections.

Needs Improvement

Requirements were validated by QA Team and defects and issues were identified as part of the review which need to be fixed and incorporated.

Review Complete

Static testing was completed successfully and requirement is ready for implementation.


Requirements are fully covered by test cases which were internally reviewed and signed off.

Not Covered

Test cases work is in progress but requirement is not fully covered by all test cases

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