Test Design Module

Why you need the Test Design Module ?

Create manual test cases based on different categories and test types

Implement test case peer review process

Import hundreds of test cases from excel spreadsheets in seconds

Associate test data with preconditions, post conditions and individual steps for test instructions with expected results

Monitor Test Design progress and completeness of requirements traceability

Full traceability and verification of coverage

The QACoverage Test Design module is one part of a fully integrated test management solution. The module allows users to create, organize, and manage test cases within a hierarchical structure they have determined and created. The module not only allows QA teams to utilize the requirements in the requirements module as a basis for the test cases, but also gives them the ability to link test cases with specific requirements for full traceability and verification of coverage.

Easy customize test case

Test cases can be categorized by test type, such as functional, UI, security, and more and can be prioritized separate from the requirements they may be linked to. To fully customize each test case, users are given the ability to set preconditions, list multiple test steps with descriptions and expected results, upload supporting documentation, add test data, and set design and review statuses.

Test design options

The Test Design modules serves as a centralized test repository allowing users to move, reorder, edit, delete, export, archive, and even import test cases en masse. All data and actions are highly visible, giving clear insight into the status and progress. One of the key features with the module is the ability to link the test cases to requirements, providing traceability and coverage transparency.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simple and easy access to centralized, web-based test case repository
  • Establish complete traceability between requirements, test cases and defects
  • Indicate a test case’s availability for review
  • Ability to upload test cases from Excel spreadsheets
  • Ability to group test cases in different folder structures
  • Ability to group and organize test cases by test type

Test Case Customization for Full and Easy Adaptation

The Test Design Module in QA Coverage supports complete customizations of each individual test case. Tests can be filled out with as much or as little detail as the user desires, giving testers full control to create the simplest test cases to the most elaborate.


Establish Test Case priority from Critical, High, Medium, or Low.


A precondition field can be filled out to indicate any conditions that are assumed before the test can be run.



A file can be added to each test case as needed. Testers can download and delete files if required.


Test Type

Types include Functional-Positive, Functional-Negative, Integration, User-interface, Field Validation, Security, End-to-end, and Health Check.

Test Steps

Multiple test steps can be added and reordered and can include a step, description, and expected result.

Review Status

To allow for easy review monitoring, review statuses include Ready for Review, Review in Progress, Review Completed, and Need Improvements.


Tests can be identified as automated and links to automated scripts can be added.

Test Data

A WYSIWYG editor allows users to add and format test data as needed for each test case.

Design Status

To allow for easy design monitoring, design statuses include In Progress, Completed, and On Hold. 

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