Agile Module

The QA Coverage Agile module works in tandem with the Ticket module.  As tickets – or work items – are created, they are automatically added to the Backlog.  Items can be Tasks, Defects, Questions, Risks, or Enhancements.  Each item can be filled with multiple details as desired, or just contain simple summaries, which makes the Agile Module easily adaptable for the verbose or the less wordy.

Once in the Backlog, items can be pulled into sprints using a simple drag and drop method in the Agile Module Plan section. Each can be assigned to different users for work or research, and their progress tracked in the Work section. From a management standpoint, viewing the Work section in the Agile module gives a quick overview of the current sprint status.  All sprint items are in a grid and divided into three columns that represent the progress of the work item:  To Do, In Progress, and Done.   Items are automatically sorted based on their current status, which can be quickly updated with just a couple clicks.

When a sprint is over, you have the option of archiving them in the Agile Module Archive section.  The Archive section shows users the full history of sprints and their respective work items, without cluttering up the active sections of the application.  However, a sprint can be reactivated if needed at any time.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Create, Plan, and monitor sprints
  • Quickly pull work items into sprints
  • Create a working backlog for easy sprint planning
  • Multiple work item types to cover all needs
  • Keep track of work progress at a glance

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Plan and Track Sprints in One Interface

QACoverage’s side by side backlog and sprint interface utilizes a drag and drop method to make it simple to move work items from one to the other. In the Work section, users can quickly see the status and progress of all work items.

Backlog – This section shows the work item Type, Summary, Status, and Assignee.

Current Sprint – This also shows the work item Type, Summary, Status, and Assignee but in the context of a working sprint.

Work Section – Displays three columns – To Do, In Progress, and Done. Work items are automatically sorted into the columns based on their status.

Work Items –These can be Bugs, Tasks, Questions, Risks, or Enhancements. All of them can be left in the backlog, added to sprints, and tracked in the Agile Work section.

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